Underwater temple, a puzzle with many mysteries within the ocean

underwater temple

Oceans cover more than 70% of Earth’s surface and hide many human assets within. The ones founded are called ‘Underwater cultural heritage’. Among them are underwater temples. Over the centuries, a lot of underwater temples were discovered. These underwater temples hold great potential related to religion’s history, culture, and many more details.

Working on underwater temples isn’t easy because of many reasons. But, underwater temples offer wealthy rewards in return for those who are searching to understand the past. At present, thanks to the latest technology it’s comparatively easy for us to discover and search underwater temples.

What is the importance of ‘Underwater temple’?

To understand civilization:

Underwater temples mainly let us understand the development of human civilization. The underwater temple gives us a better understanding of the exchange of cultures and the influence of other religions. Underwater temples give us a great glimpse of dwelling sites of the period. The underwater temple can provide us more subtle information on rituals, religious sites, sacrifices, and ceremonies of the former or existing religions. Findings of Underwater temples bring history back to life and help us to connect the dots of human existence. Such findings can give us a glimpse of a lifestyle.

To understand the construction ability:

Underwater temples give us an education on designs. So, we can witness creative architecture and skillful engineering.

To understand culture  & religion for the growth of present:

Apart from past information, underwater temples also help us to maintain different cultures. In the present day, the finding of underwater temples can give us opportunities to recreate and enrich related religions. The finding of underwater temples, which at some point were mentioned in ancient scriptures symbolizes the proof and solves the mysteries. Such finding of underwater temples brings us closer to God and inspires many people religiously.

To groom the location:

Most of the time, the finding of underwater temples provides vast cultural growth to a particular location. Such underwater temples become an amazing spot of tourism which includes scuba diving. That gives the world a chance to know the findings better and closer. Such active underwater temple sites cultivate the destinations financially and religiously. Many underwater temples even become local pride and can possibly turn into world heritages.

Why should we maintain ‘Underwater temple’?

Research and protection of underwater temples can lead to public display. Public display directly connects to the cultural importance and financial condition of the location. Many ancient underwater temples can even make an impact on historical education. This can recreate the bridge between the respected religions and their followers.

All over the globe, there have been many discoveries of underwater temples and has become the center of attraction for travelers and archaeologists. This uplifts the growth of a nation internationally.

What are the reasons for temples to be underwater?

A lot of temples were submerged due to natural destructions for example earthquakes and tsunamis. However, mythological stories also narrate man-made destruction for such temples.

Plus, supernatural powers as a form of punishment are counted as the reason for many temples to drown underwater. This is believed for many ancient temples like the lost city of Dwarka in Gujarat, India. 

There are conjectures about a few temples in ancient times, that were made underwater.


Even after having advanced technology, these temples remain mysteries to us. These temples do answer many questions but still remain a puzzle for us in some way because of various reasons. 

At Secret temples, you will read about the mysteries of underwater temples across the world.

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