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Among the four pilgrimages sites  in the Char Dham Badrinath is listed as one of them and is the most influential one for Hindus. Badrinath Dham is cultivated historically as well as naturally. Every year a lot of visitors come to Badrinath for religious and tourism purposes. The route to Badrinath Dham isn’t exactly a cakewalk. Once you get close to Badrinath, the road becomes scary as the way to town is drawn because of unpaved roads with rock and they often fall. Badrinath Dham’s temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is the main attraction.

Where is Badrinath Dham?

Badrinath, a beautiful city of Uttarakhand in Northern India is famous for natural beauty. The location of Badrinath Dham is magnificently painted with the beauty of the Himalaya Mountains in Garhwal hill. Badrinath exists between mountains Nar and Narayana, named after Lord Vishnu’s twin sons. Now because of such placement of Badrinath, the area gets covered with white-coated snow. That’s why Badrinath Dham’s temple is kept open for 6 months in a year. The best time to travel to Badrinath Dham is between  April to November, because the route of Badrinath gets risky in Monsoon due to the landslides. However, the ideal time to visit Badrinath Dham is during summers, i.e May to October. Badrinath sits on the bank of Alaknanda River, the longest one in the state. The river is one out of two sources of the holy river Ganga. 

What is the history of Badrinath?

Once upon a time, Shiva resided in Badrinath with his wife Parvathi. After looking at the magical beauty of the land, Lord Vishnu asked Lord Shiva if he could have Badrinath. Shiva gracefully gave his favorite place to Vishnu and left for Kedarnath. 

Legend says, Thousands of years ago all gods used to gather at Badrinath Dham as Lord Vishnu’s spectator. During which one time, Lord Vishnu did not come to Badrinath. After this incident, the creator of the Universe, Brahma declared Badrinath Dham as Vishnu’s place for self-mortification. 

This led Lord Vishnu to undergo lethal penance during which he was unaware of the climatic condition around him in Badrinath Dham. To save Lord Vishnu in Badrinath Dham, his wife goddess Laxmi enclosed him in the form of a Jujube tree. Jujube tree is a kind of wild berry. Vishnu was pleased upon knowing this. 

So, the word Badri stands for Berries and Nath stands for God. Thus, the name Badri-ashram was kept by him to honor the goddess Laxmi. 

Badrinath is the place where Ved Vyasa was born. Also, Adi Sankaracharya lived in this town for 6 years. It was him who announced the city as a pilgrimage in the 9th century.

What is the history of the Badrinath Dhamm’s temple?

Badrinath temple is one of the most prestigious temples in India for Hindus. According to the legends, once while taking rest in Badrinath Dham, Lord Vishnu appeared in Adi Shankracharya’s dream to inform him about the Saligram stone in Alaknanda river. The Saligram is an image of Lord Vishnu. With the Lord Vishnu’s guidance Sankracharya discovered the Saligram and installed the stone inside of the Tapt Kund in Badrinath Dham. The kund where Saligram stone was first placed surprisingly contains steaming hot water, wherein the river contains icy cold water in Badrinath Dham. To this day no one can understand this miracle. 

In the 16th century, the king of Garhwal placed the stone to its current place, inside of the temple of Badrinath Dham. Badrinath temple is exactly in the middle of Nar and Narayana mountains. 

Badrinath temple was a Buddhist shrine until the 8th century which explains the temple’s Buddhist architecture. It was then converted into a temple as Sankaracharya got rid of Buddhists. 

Gautam Buddha is believed to be the 9th incarnation of Lord Vishnu which makes it a religious pilgrimage for Jains too.

What is the religious importance of the Badrinath Dham’s temple?

Lord Vishnu is said to be, keeper of the universe. According to great sages and people’s belief, Badrinath is Vishnu’s place of penance. Also, this is one of the many reasons Hindus believe in visiting Badrinath Dham once in a lifetime to acquire ‘Moksha’.  Badrinath is emphasized as a pious place where one comes to wash away his sins. People often claim to have soulful experiences after Badrinath Dham’s temple visit. Tapt Kund in Badrinath is believed to have medicinal essences as it can cure many physical allergies. Some visitors come for peace and soul searching in Badrinath Dham.

What is inside Badrinath Dham temple?

Apart from Badrinath lingam, the temple includes Goddess Laxmi, Garuda, Narada, Nar & Narayana, Ganpati, and Kubera’s deities. The black stone of Badrinath is called Saligram, which also has a big diamond on what is supposed to be the forehead of Lord Vishnu.

What are the other reasons to visit Badrinath Dham?

Many visitors visit Badrinath Dham as a tourist spot. Trek of Badrinath is quite famous which attracts a lot of mountaineers. As a part of Badrinath Dham the temple acts as a stopover for them.

How to reach Badrinath Dham?

As Badrinath is the dominant spot in Uttarakhand state it’s easy to reach here.

  • By flight: If you wish to travel by air then the nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport in Dehradun. This airport is connected to many main cities of India. Either one can take a car to Badrinath from Dehradun or there is helicopter service available to reach. 
  •  By train: Now, Badrinath doesn’t have a train station yet. However 3 cities, Rishikesh, Kotdwar and Haridwar are closer for travel. 
  • By road: Badrinath is well connected by road to different states like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. In fact, it connects with the capital of the country, Delhi as well. 

You would not leave Badrinath empty handed. The city can provide you with a wonderful experience and has a lot to offer. Faith and adventure tremendously grooms the city that one cannot miss visiting. 

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