Amazing details on ancient vimana that will blow your mind

Ancient vimana
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The Germans, the Chinese and many others are keen admirers of ancient vimana technology mentioned in the scriptures. According to ancient Indian texts, centuries ago India made quite a lot of discoveries in aerospace and many other fields. The growth in each field was noted down in Vedas with great details. 

To the world’s surprise, there are in-depth details on ancient vimana that can be helpful to researchers even today. Many researchers believe lots of manuscripts on different subjects are still unknown to us which can reveal amazing information about vimana technology. To spike your interest let me tell you, even the Jain texts mentioned it.

Did you know, the demon king Ravana’s ‘Pushpaka Vimana’ is the 1st flying object that’s mentioned in ancient Hindu texts? Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas, etc mention about aero technology. There are quite many details from ancient India that will surprise us, but today we will learn about vimana.

What’s ‘Vimana’?

According to Hindu texts, ‘Vimana’ are mythological flying palaces/chariots. The Sanskrit word ‘Vimana’ means ‘having been measured out’. In multiple Indian languages ‘Vimana/ Vimanam’ means ‘aircraft’. 

What do we know about ‘Pushpaka Vimana’?

Pushpaka Vimana means an aeroplane with flowers. Vishwakarma created ‘Pushpaka Vimana’ for Lord Brahma. But he gave the vimana to God Kubera, the god of wealth. 

However, Ravana, who was Kubera’s half-brother, stole the vimana along with Lanka from Kubera and kept it for himself. After God Rama defeated and killed Ravana, he returned the vimana to Kubera. Hindu texts mention Rama using an aircraft. 

What are the details on ancient vimana?

According to various ancient texts, Vedic deities used vimana in the form of wheeled chariots that were pulled by various animals. Deities used to travel in space, underwater and in Earth’s atmosphere with the help of vimana. 

Apart from these, there were 2 types of engines known as ‘Mechanical Birds’ in vimana: ‘Agnihotra-vimana’ (Fire-based) & ‘Gaja-vimana’ (elephant power-based). Texts around 500 BC mention ‘Self-moving aerial car’ (Without animals).

According to the findings of researchers from the International Academy of Sanskrit Research in Mysore, ancient sages made fine manuscripts thousands of years ago for the next generations to make the most of it. These researchers collected some of it and out of them, one is about aeronautics, construction details for an aircraft for civil use and warfare. It also includes blueprints of a helicopter-like plane designed to carry goods and multi-levels aircraft to carry 400 to 500 people. A 20th century Sanskrit texts, ‘Vaimanika Shastra’ explains airplane, pilot, and aerial routes.  

These Indian scriptures were written on ancient vimana technology give us details on:

  • How to build a plane that doesn’t break, catch fire or can be destroyed. 
  • Secrets of making planes motionless & invisible (Hovering & stealth systems).
  • How to locate an enemy’s plane (Radar system).
  • How to make enemies in other planes unconscious. 
  • Secrets of destroying enemy’s plane.

David Hatcher Childress mentioned these techniques in his book ‘Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India & Atlantis’, written in the year 1991. 

In 1875, the researchers discovered texts in a temple written by a great sage Bhardwaj whose knowledge of aerospace technology was impeccable. His texts consist of: 

  • How to use ancient vimana
  • Information on the steering of ancient vimana 
  • Precautions for long flights in ancient vimana
  • Protection of plane from storms & lightening 
  • How to use ‘Solar Energy’ from a free energy source that sounds like ‘Anti-Gravity’ in ancient vimana  

This bunch of information was eye-opening to the ancient vimana technology and left everyone baffled. 


Isn’t it delightfully shocking how our Indian ancestors found out the details ages ago? A lot of technical aspects of ancient vimana surprised researchers because those developments are yet to take place in current times. These details on vimana can help India to create powerful aircraft.  

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